The Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority is responsible for ensuring the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park — one of the world's greatest natural treasures — is protected for the future.

Reef Blueprint Update - Fence building Raine Island

Fence building - Raine Island

Reef Blueprint

The Reef Blueprint for Resilience is the primary output of the 2017 Reef Summit, attended by 70 regional, national and international delegates representing marine park managers, Traditional Owners, government agencies, research institutions, industry groups, Reef users and other stakeholders.

The Blueprint signals the actions we will take with our partners to strengthen the Reef’s resilience, its capacity to recover after disturbances and return to a healthy state and the challenges it faces now and in the future.

Our message is: together we can secure the future of the Reef – we have to try harder, do more and act now.

The Blueprint is designed around 10 key initiatives focused on delivering maximum benefits for Reef resilience. These initiatives fall into four broad areas:

  • building a resilience network
  • on-ground actions
  • empowering people
  • fostering change

This Blueprint outlines additional actions and innovative approaches the Authority will pursue with its partners to better support and protect coral reefs in the face of a changing climate. By focusing our efforts, we will give the entire Great Barrier Reef ecosystem its best chance of coping with the challenges ahead.

Reef Blueprint Update - Seabird term monitoring

Seabird Tern Monitoring with Girringun Rangers

Progress so far

From Blueprint to Action examines the first year of progress by the Authority towards achieving the initiatives of the Reef Summit held in May 2017 and the subsequent release of the Great Barrier Reef Blueprint for Resilience in December 2017.

Collaborating with its many partners on behalf of Australia and the world, the Authority’s management efforts are focusing on maintaining and strengthening successful strategies while developing and adopting new technologies and innovative measures.

Read the full report , or review a summary of the main initiatives below.

Please note: This content reflects the information published in October 2018, so Action Updates may be out-of-date.